The Beginning of Justice: Review from a Reader

Oct 26, 2015
Jason Fileta

Here is a review of Live Justly from Anna:

“Here’s our deal… I live in northwestern Indiana and attend a pretty affluent, all-white church in a rural Indiana town.  This congregation admittedly has never really thought about justice.  So I am doing an internship there this fall and one of the aspects of that internship is to help the staff and the congregation think about what God’s heart for justice might mean for this local body of Christ.  It’s hard in some ways because people want me to say what we should “do” and I keep saying, ‘Justice isn’t something we do, it’s something we are.’

Enter Live Justly.  I love the way the study is laid out.  I love the videos and the additional resources. … We will be using it in some form or fashion as this conversation builds but we aren’t exactly sure how yet. All that to say, I’ll keep you posted!….” -Anna
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