Quotes from our Readers

Dec 01, 2015
Jason Fileta

You may be looking into using Live Justly for your small group, or even your own personal use. But you are wondering, what is the consensus on it from others? Well, we have a few quotes from our readers on how Live Justly impacted them in their real lives, and even some stories of what they changed because of Live Justly!


“We enjoyed the book as a small group.  I think that it helped us better understand the principal of Biblical Justice and how our lives should be lived accordingly.   We have all tried interacting more with the homeless in our area and recognizing our responsibility for their welfare.” – John

“Live Justly is an important tool for sharing God’s love for the poor and give some inspirational action practically. I used it in come churches, youth groups and meetings. Twice it was used as a concept at Sunday school and for teenagers.”-Rino

“With a variety of readings from “boots on the ground” justice leaders, this study will serve as a great reminder for those who have already given thought to what it means to address systemic injustice and the many barriers people experience to full flourishing. Its true impact will come with some hard but well-guided work.“-Monique

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