10 Simple Ways to Live Justly Today

May 21, 2015
Jason Fileta

Many times we can substitute our prayers for action. When we pray for a better world, we should also be taking actionable steps to make the world better. Get it?

So with the help of the Micah Challenge Team and the Book of Common Prayers, (a nifty book consisting of thousands of prayers to be done in group and church settings), we have put together a few creative ways to put our common prayers into action:

WARNING: these might be challenging for you, but clearly not impossible. Take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Prayer: Lord, heal this city. Break the chains of drug abuse, cycles of poverty and suffering, especially in the areas that people label ‘ghetto, low income, and high-crime.’

Action: Throw a ‘banquet’ with nice food, music, and games for people who are struggling with homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and/or poverty. Make it fun, and let everyone have a chance to contribute a gift.

Prayer: Lord, please help those living in extreme poverty. Help all to get what they need- their daily bread.

Action: Go through all your things. Everything you have 2 of, give one away (especially to someone who NEEDS it)

Prayer: Lord, help our leaders make wise decisions. Help them to remember the poor and make changes that benefit those who truly need it.

Action: Introduce your Church to the importance of calling your elected representatives. Call several times a year to support causes such as protecting Poverty-Focused Development Assistance in budget negotiations, and support programs focusing on greater transparency to end corruption like Section 1504 of the Dodd Frank Act.

Prayer: Lord, help us be content with what we have. Help us to be aware of the injustices we perpetuate through our purchases.

Action: Research where your church’s products originate. Take steps to integrate ‘Fair Trade’ and environmentally friendly products into your purchases for your church’s needs.

Prayer: Lord, help me to engage people I normally would not. To build relationships that would bring others to Christ.
Action: Gather a group of people in your church to volunteer at your local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food pantry. Encourage regular attendance, so that you can begin to build relationships with the impoverished in your own community.


Prayer: Lord, help renew me, wake me up, and give me the strength to get through this day and week.

Action: Take one day a week to truly rest. That means no chores, no phone, no internet or T.V. Do something that brings you true joy.

Prayer: Lord, heal the church. Heal those who have been hurt by the church (including myself). I pray that you will help me to be a light to those in darkness.

Action: Forgive a politician, pastor, parent or friend who has wronged you. Not just on paper. Truly forgive them. Let any bitterness or resentment fall away and give the relationship over to God.

Prayer: Lord, heal this planet. Help us to not just consume the creation you have given us, but to truly be stewards of creation.

Action: Go fuel free for the week: bike, long board, carpool, take public transportation, walk or run everywhere you go. If you have to use fuel, try to consolidate your trips so you’re driving less.

Prayer: Lord, expand my heart to invite more people in. Widen my compassion and give me eyes to see others the way you see them.

Action: Contact you crisis pregnancy center and help someone in need. Invite them into your home for a meal or offer them a place to stay. Consider becoming foster home for children who need a loving and stable environment.

Prayer: Lord, help me be a blessing to someone else.

Action: Go to a thrift store and drop dollar bills in the pockets of the clothes around the store to bless someone else.

Here’s a bonus 11th way to Live Justly today thanks to Jerry! Let us know if you have any ideas or questions you’d like us to address by telling us in the comments!

Prayer: Lord, comfort, we pray for all victims of intolerance, oppression, and persecution because of their faith. Lead the oppressors towards compassion, and give hope to the suffering.

Action: Advocate for people who are being persecuted like Asia Bibi and many others. You can also write a letter to those who are in prison for their faith, or send them packs filled with essentials needed.
Too often our prayer life and our actions are seperate. Let’s take steps today to bring them into harmony and live justly everyday.

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