What is Live Justly?

Live Justly is an in-depth scriptural and practical study
to help people live justly in 6 key areas of life:
advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, creation care and relationships.

Live Justly was written on these core principles:

  • Justice is part of the character and nature of God, and to live justly we must encounter God in a personal and powerful way.
  • The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts.
  • People change through relationships not statistics, so Live Justly is designed to create a culture and community among participants that enables honest, convicting discussion about justice.
  • We will not reduce justice to an activity, it is a lifestyle.
  • We will not sacrifice the dignity of people living in oppression for the sake of inspiring action.
  • We particularly focus upon the role of advocacy, which some say is a lost art within the Church, but the ground is fertile for a revival of action that has the potential to be incredibly transformative. We define advocacy as: challenging ourselves and our leaders to change attitudes, behaviors, and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s will for all creation to flourish.

Biblical justice isn’t an action once a year,
it is a lifestyle.

Why should I use Live Justly?

Justice is often invoked by passionate teachers, pastors, and leaders inviting us into NEW action. For example, a justice-themed sermon from a leader or pastor to encourage the church to volunteer, go on a missions trip, or give to a cause. Justice is often focused upon doing something new, but what about the actions you and I take every day?

Here’s the thing: justice isn’t always about doing something new; it’s about infusing what we already do with Kingdom values. We wake up every day and make about fifty decisions–we decide what clothes to wear, what food to eat, how to commute to work or school, how to treat our friends, family, and strangers, what to pray for, where to invest our money, and so on. Justice isn’t simply an action once a year; it is a lifestyle. Our prayer is that our everyday actions will be infused with justice–not our definition of justice but God’s revelation of justice in Scripture.

The scriptures and the movement of the Holy Spirit have deeply touched our own lives here at Tearfund, and the call to seek justice has permeated our everyday life choices–pushing us not just to seek justice but to live justly. Perhaps you too feel that call to seek justice.You are not alone in this experience–countless churches, campus groups, small groups, families, and individuals have heard the call and asked us “what’s next?”

Enter Live Justly.

Contributors to the study


Sessions 1-3 are to get your group on the same page with foundational concepts
Sessions 4-9 are in depth practical engagements with six aspects of life

SESSION 10 is the final session where each group member presents a personal action plan to live justly, and as a group decides on a direction to steer your church towards deeper engagement with biblical justice.


What is with that weird logo?


The Live Justly logo is a visual representation of our hopes and dreams for this curriculum:

Each side of Hexagon represents one facet of life you will be equipped to live justly in: advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, creation care, and relationships

The circle represents the holistic nature of living justly. If we are incredible advocates, but do so at the expense of our personal relationships, then the circle is broken. If we are compassionate to the impoverished, but fail to challenge unjust structures that cause their oppression then too, the circle is broken. The circle represents a holistic, unified lifestyle of justice

The fire symbolizes our posture of worship. We live justly not as the pharisees did, seeking to follow the law as a checklist, but rather recognizing that justice is part of the character and nature of God and living justly in response to God

The bread symbolizes the essential need for community. We cannot live justly without pursuing authentic community. The circle will break if it is not held together by many hands and voices

Biblical justice isn’t always about doing something new,
it’s about infusing what we already do with Kingdom values.

Live Justly is a curriculum written by Tearfund USA. You can contact us at: